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japanese hair straightening

Do you want beautiful, easy to maintain straight hair without spending time on hot irons every morning? Well, we offer an innovative permanent hair straightening service that will put an end to that. All you will have to do is wash, dry with ease and go!

Japanese hair straightening, or thermal straightening, retexturises your hair and changes its form so that it remains completely straight. Our permanent hair straightening involves using chemicals on your hair to break the bonds, using hot irons to restructure the hair and applying a neutralizer to seal the changes to the bonds. Our professional stylists are experts in this process and can give you the straight hair you always dreamed of.

What are the benefits of our Japanese hair straightening?

No more worrying about frizz. No more ironing out stubborn kinks. You can literally just wash, dry and style with ease - saving you time! Your hair will feel softer and more natural as well as looking great.

How often will you need Japanese hair straightening done?

Only as often as you like is the simple answer. The treated hair will be straight permanently so only newly grown hair will need treating. Some people choose to have it done again when their hair has grown out completely but others have the roots straightened when it has grown out a little.

If you like the sound of permanent straight hair, then we can help you get the low maintenance beautiful hair you always wanted. With many years of experience behind us, we can offer you just that. The whole process takes between 3 and 5 hours so book your appointment with one of our Japanese hair straightening experts today! Find out whether this process is right for you.