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hair style

Your hair style makes a huge difference to how you look. Recollect the Cinderella story. While giving Cinderella a make-over, did Fairy Godmother leave her hair as-is? Oh no, she gave her an absolutely awesome hair style and the prince fell for her and you know the rest of the story.

Your transformation from the girl-next-door to diva is possible by simply opting for the right hair style. We are hair style specialists with years of experience and we can create just the perfect hair style for you.

What is the right hair style for you?

The most suitable hair style option for you depends on the length of your hair and also on the shape of your face. If you have a wide forehead, most professional hair stylists would recommend long bangs or a fringe hair style. With an elongated face, a short crop or bob is usually considered a good option. Whether you have short hair, long hair or medium hair, there are a plethora of hair styles to choose from.

Put yourself in expert hands

Our award winning hairstylists can offer you the right hair style advice. An edgy pixie cut or a sedate bob can be good options for short hair. Layers that enhance volume is a popular hair style for those with medium length hair. If you have long hair, your hair style options are endless, from sexy up-dos to pretty plaits and everything in between. We love to educate and take you through the steps on how to create variations on styling your hair.

Whether you are looking for an everyday signature style or something elaborate for a special occasion, our creative team can bring you the very latest hair styles that work for you.